St.Vincent's Convent School

Vice Principal

A structure without a visionary purpose does not carry any meaning but when there is a vision affixed to it and the activities are oriented towards concretizing the vision, then it becomes beneficial to many who are aspiring to achieve something in life. St. Vincent School is one of the leading educational institutions which stands to promote an integral education to the children with an over emphasis on values, discipline and creative thinking. It is because of these specifications; the people are flocking to St. Vincent to enroll themselves for a multifaceted learning experience. The Management and Staff at St. Vincent work with due dedication and commitment in order to impart quality education to the children. The friendly and parental care of the teaching staff elicit the innate potentials of the students and they are encouraged to showcase their creative skills on a common platform. The combined and coordinated effort of the school team remarkably make the institution prestigious and academically competitive. We ensure that the children who learn in our institution are formed with human development and academic caliber. The socio-cultural facets of our society are highlighted with their traditional traits and these attract our children to equip themselves for appreciating the society and its divers culture. With all these we make St. Vincent School a temple of learning. Education is the transforming weapon, which can undoubtedly transform individuals and society and therefore let education play a pivotal role in our lives. We welcome everyone to the campus of St. Vincent for a multi-faceted learning experience.

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